Thursday, June 26, 2008

Entwistle sentenced to life imprisonment

Neil Entwistle, found guilty yesterday of murdering his 27 year old wife Rachel and 9 month old daughter Lillian, has been handed a life sentence. Rachel’s step father, Joe Matterazzo, her mother Priscilla and Jerome Souza, Rachel’s brother, all read short statements before the sentence was delivered. All spoke of their loss. The judge told Entwistle he had been found guilty of 1st degree murder and described the crime as “incomprehensible”. She also spoke of the “magnitude of the loss” to the family.
Neil Entwistle sat impassively as the judge read out the two life sentences without possibility of parole. Although the family had asked for consecutive sentences, the judge said this would be only symbolic and instead declared the sentences would run concurrently. Nonetheless, Entwistle will never be released unless any appeal becomes successful [BBC / Sky News]

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