Monday, October 15, 2007

UK - Lib Dem leader quits party

Sir Menzies Campbell has resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrat Party. The BBC broke the news shortly before 18:00 BST. Sky News later announced that a statement as regards the future of the leader was due imminently. Speculation had been rife throughout the day as to whether Sir Menzies was the right leader for the party. The decision comes shortly after Prime Minister Gordon Brown dismissed the idea of an early election. This decision along with a suggestion that the earliest date for an election would not be made until 2009 is believed to be a pivotal factor for Sir Menzies resigning his position. He is currently 66 years old and age is also considered to be a factor.

Some accused the BBC of making up the news. Lembit Opik of the Liberal Democrat party said that nothing had officially been announced. However, Simon Hughs MP announced the resignation of Sir Menzies Campbell only moments later.

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