Tuesday, October 10, 2006

China angry over N Korea N-test

China has reacted angrily to North Korea's announcement that it has tested a nuclear weapon. The China Daily said in its Tuesday edition that North Korea went back on its word that it would not test any nuclear weapons. Many other Chinese papers were leading with the story with varying strengths of condemnation.

The leading world powers have already met at the UN to discuss possible retaliation to North Korea's test. The UN Security Council has proposed several sanctions against the country. President Bush has condemned the test calling it "provocative". South Korea has called for a new look at its relationship with their neighbour, whilst Japan has called the test "unacceptable". But whilst initial talks at the UN Security Council went well, it is unclear whether China and Russia will back any resolutions. Both countries have a history of abstaining from UN Security Council resolutions.

Other countries have been less hostile to North Korea 's test. Iranian State TV has said the test was a reaction to western hostility and said other countries threatened by the west may follow suit.

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