Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bush's War on Terror speech not seen by millions

Whilst Tony Blair made speeches confirming his mission to continue his term in office, his key ally George W Bush was making a keynote speech in Atlanta, Georgia.

In a previous speech he has admitted that interrogation techniques employed on terror suspects had resulted in significant leads in the fight against terrorism and that CIA camps around the world did exist [BBC]. However, British viewers have seen little of the Presidents latest series of speeches. BBC showed nothing from today’s speech Live and Sky News also failed to bring viewers any coverage. Even their Sky active service had no link to the Live broadcast. CNN showed a short clip but soon cut back to the studio after a few short minutes. CNNs pipeline service gave only 3 minutes FREE viewing. During part of his ongoing speech, the President said, “We need to do everything we can to stop the next attack”. He added that there had been continued successes in the global War on Terror. “We have killed Zarqawi in Iraq … and we have over 90 nations fighting with us in the War on Terror including the democratically elected governments of Afghanistan and Iraq”. [BBCPosted by Picasa

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